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Company Name Taisei Engineering Co., Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer Naomasa Ishikawa
Founded April 1989
Capital 20 million yen
Fiscal term September
Employees 23
Taisei Engineering Head Office and Plant
Address 1835-1 Nishi-Hiramatsu, Iwata, Shizuoka Prefecture, 438-0217 Japan
Telephone number +81-0538-66-0447
Fax number +81-0538-66-0448
Group company – Kowa Seisaku-jo Co.,Ltd
Address 1835-1 Nishi-Hiramatsu, Iwata, Shizuoka Prefecture, 438-0217 Japan (In the Taisei Engineering Co., Ltd.)
Telephone number +81-0538-30-6145
Fax number +81-0538-30-6146
Taisei Engineering Sales Office
Address 1835-1 Nishi-Hiramatsu, Iwata, Shizuoka Prefecture, 438-0217 Japan

Company Description

Robot Technology Our Robot Technology thoroughly supports handling design, programming, assembly and follow-up, from two to a multi-axis robot.

Every member of our team has been educated of robot technology, and will be able to support automated lines and labor saving throughout the world.

Purpose-Specific Equipment We will address your equipment needs, from drilling to part-supplying machines.

Because we develop and assemble in one single office, we are able to answer your short-term needs as well. Our developing experts will assist you with high quality maintenance jobs.

Specific equipments can be combined with our robot technology to support the full-line system.

Inspection and Measuring Equipment Starting with a compressor inspection and internal measurement equipment, we will support the quality management of your production line.

The feedback of the results of the measurements, and engraving each measurement time also contributes to our quality management.

The precise process and assembly will be warranted by our 3D measurement, which leads to the high accuracy of our inspection and measuring technology.

Conveyer Technology Each conveyer technology including chain, belt, and roller, our development of the conveyer system is based on our company’s “conveyer with a brain” theme.

By simulating the delivery of any big or small equipment, style and efficiency, we are able to offer you the high technology conveyer system with our unique sensor, sorting, and docking technology.

Tools At our company, we start production from designing the tools for each machining center.

Not only we produce tools, we bring in the machining center itself to our office for trial purposes.

Beforehand, we will comprehend the tool interference, designing the jig with the 3D CAD.

Main Businesses

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.

NTN Corporation


Godai Syoukou



Suzuki PMC


Nishijima Co.

Hamabo Corp.


Paloma Co. Ltd.

Fujie Bussan Co. Ltd.

Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

Makino J Corp.

Mitsubishi Corp. Technos

Mitsubishi Electric

Yamaha Motor Co.

Yuasa Technical Engineering Co. Ltd.

Univance Corp.

Supplied Foreign Countries

Supplied Foreign Countries

India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Canada, Mexico and others

Company Profile

April, 1989 Founded Taisei Engineering
October 1989 Renamed to Taisei Engineering Co. Ltd.
July, 1990 Relocated to Barajima-cho, Hamamatsu-shi
April, 1995 Relocated to Mikatahara-cho, Hamamatsu-shi
November, 1996 Acquisition of a factory in Ryuyo-cho, Iwata-shi

(Hiebara, Iwata-shi)

January, 2005 Established a factory in Nishihiramatsu, Iwata-shi, and relocated within the area
October, 2007 Acquired Kowa Seisaku Co. Ltd at Toyokawa-shi, Aichi and joined administration
October, 2008 Received approval of the “Management innovation plan” from Shizuoka prefecture
August, 2010 Relocation of the Kowa Seisaku within the company
January, 2013 Aquired land surrounding factory and established a new factory
May, 2018 President and Representative Director is changed to Mr. Naomasa Ishikawa

Corresponding Banks

Hamamatsu Shinkin Bank, Ryuyo branch

Shizuoka Bank, Ryuyo branch

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