Power of development

Development strengths of  Taisei Engineering

3D CAD Design Office

Design Office

Design Office

Our expert design team continues a unique study utilizing the 2D and 3D CAD.

The experts have been trained at the processing and assembly area, and are well aware of our customer needs for an efficient process and assembling design. Therefore we are able to create a high work and maintenance quality system.

Here at Taisei Engineering, we are able to quickly share information within each work area because we have set up the design through the assembly office in one location, leading to the production of a high quality product.

The Design Team not only utilizes the 3D CAD, they are trained to simulate the intensity calculations and analysis for high efficiency and high quality.

Since foundation, we have strengthened our power of development and planning, to answer any needs of our customers. Using our full technology, we will continue to enhance our power all while addressing the customer’s needs.

Skill Our expert staff and environment



Our staff at Taisei Engineering is a “fortune”.

We have staff covering the age of 20s to the 60s, sharing information regarding their techniques, to strengthen technologies every day.

Our factory and work office is assembled for an optimal workflow. Not only the team is able to work smoothly, they are able to check each other’s pace for a higher quality environment.

Product Production of a Specific Equipment

Production of a Specific Equipment

Production of a Specific Equipment

At Taisei Engineering, we are always producing consistent work.

Through many arrangements we are able to suggest just the right equipment according to your needs.

From compressor inspections to machining tools alone, we can support automated line structures including robot systems and delivery instruments.

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