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CMM 3d coordinate measuring machine

3d coordinate measuring machine

3d coordinate measuring machine

To assure our high quality processing, precise assembling and addressing each needs of the customer, we have installed a CNC 3d coordinate measuring machine.
The measuring unit has been set up in a 24-hour temperature-controlled measuring room and we have been working to maintain the accuracy.
The installation of the CNC 3d coordinate measuring machine has made the automated program measurement possible, and has strengthened the ability to measure trial products and researches effectively.

Teaching All team members has gone through a teaching technology workshop

teaching technology workshop

At Taisei Engineering, we have put together a workshop to teaching technology towards industrial robots.
We are able to assist with our customer’s needs with our precise robot technology because every team member has achieved our teaching skills.
It’s not easy to imagine the movements of a robot in our minds.
We have installed a robot just for workshop use inside our office at Taisei Engineering.
Using the actual robot, we can program and manage movements, open workshops in regards to robot teaching, to improve our team training and technology skills.
We promise to advance our technology to acquire analysis and robot movement interference with our robot simulation system using the 3D CAD.

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